“...space in the West provides a radical break from the pixelated, orientable space of the East. In the West, it...unfolds in all directions and retrieves the notion of infinity... This is where the vanishing point becomes real. The paradigm of creativity is to consecrate the invisible into the visible, and to transcend the ordinary and the tangible into the extraordinary and intangible.

I work within this juxtaposition of understanding — taking the fitted space and placing it in a boundaryless existence. This is the challenge that I accepted when I entered the realm of painting the West, and choosing not to be fenced in.”
— LUDVIC, (excerpt from the exhibition catalog) Museum Exhibit "Don't Fence Me In, LUDVIC Paints the West" Desert Caballeros Western Art Museum, Wickenburg, AZ

All American ChiefThe EncounterThe CrossingThe Gathering Before the StormThe HerderEarly Morning RideNightwatchNative Mystic