"Color, form and expression are the thematic threads that weave through a new series of abstractions, titled Rhapsodies. In these mostly large canvases Ludvic dynamically applies the paint using a trowel, employing this tool as a kind of surrogate brush to maneuver the paint. The artist’s use of black as a resting point allows a contrasting field of space creating a rhythmic punctuation as the viewer moves from one area of the pictorial field to another.
Robert C. Morgan, PhD writes in the catalog essay, “As with Hofmann, he is involved in a kind of push and pull process as he paints a corner or transforms the oblique angle into a more stabile center. . . It is through this élan vital that Ludvic seizes the moment of transcendence as a veritable sign of painting. This is the moment where the ordinary becomes extraordinary through the gravity of force that lends itself to the hand moving in simultaneous accord with his mind’s eye.”