...Ludvic found that there was yet new ground to be broken, new depths to be plumed within the modern painterly and abstract traditions. In effect, Ludvic constantly pushes belle peinture, testing its limits, effecting surfaces that are aggressive and spontaneous, roiling with energy and enlivened by texture. Ludvic's art is intuitive and exploratory yet always ultimately referent to, ane even celebratory of, the sensory satisfaction of color arrangements well balanced and complex compositions well structured.
Jeffery Wechsler, Curator Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum, NJ (excerpt from the exhibit catalog)

"I adopted the tradition of action painting, with its emphasis on discovery, surprise, and originality and the authentic, personally expressive mark. Transparency and inner luminosity were achieved through heavy layering. My only rational schema is that of the total tactile surface, with the notion of relief effects, attaining through rubbing staining, sanding."
LUDVIC - Poems & Folksongs, exhibit catalog